Saudi housing: talks about electronic real estate market

Spokesman for the Saudi Housing Ministry: The electronic real estate market needs to be developed

The Ministry of Housing Spokesman, Saif bin Salem Al-Suwailem, revealed that the statistics on the status of the demand in the electronic real estate market, which is transmitted from the Seventh Housing Bulletin, are related to electronic marketing sites, and do not represent the total sales volume of the real estate market. Offers via the electronic market and not the general market of real estate.

He stressed that the method of buying and closing offers in electronic marketing sites is not the first option for those interested in buying, especially that the electronic market in this area is still emerging, and miss the opportunity to preview accurately and directly before buying the residential product unlike the purchase on the ground, That e-commerce in real estate is still not encouraging.
Al-Suwailem explained that 4 out of 12 projects announced by the Ministry of Housing at the beginning of this month have been completed for citizens benefiting from residential support due to the great demand witnessed by these projects. The projects of North Riyadh and Rabigh City were completed in its first and second stages, In the province of Ahsa, has been the completion of privatization procedures for citizens in preparation for completing their procedures with a total of housing units exceeding three thousand units.

The completion of the booking in these projects less than two weeks after the launch of the campaign of inspection and booking carried out by the ministry in a number of cities in the Kingdom, and aims to provide residential products to the beneficiaries of housing support with various options and high quality and appropriate prices, for those allocated in previous installments of the program "residential".

The Ministry of Housing announced 12 projects distributed in 10 cities with two villas system ready, and selling on the map aims to provide 20 thousand housing units for the beneficiaries of housing support, and the Ministry's exhibitions since the opening of its doors earlier this month, the turnout of the beneficiaries, as the bookings are expected to reach levels The next few days are expected to witness the Ministry's announcement of similar products in other cities. One of the Ministry's strategic objectives is to provide suitable housing and to enhance the supply of real estate.


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