in dubai real estate investment exceed 390 billion dirhams in 18 Months

the land and property Department reported that in dubai , since the beginning of 2016, total real estate investment , up to the first half of this year, has registered 390 billion dirhams, achieved through more than 95,000 actions.

Sales accounted for the largest number of actions, with 67 thousand and 409 operations, for the three categories: land, buildings and units, with a total value of 165 billion and AED 731 million. The mortgage was 22, 000 and 353, with a total value of 188 billion and 514 million dirhams, while the other transactions accounted for 6077 operations, worth more than 36 billion dirhams, according to the Emirates daily.
The actions of the units were based on the number of properties, with 63 thousand and 903 actions registered, with a value of about 86 billion dirhams. While the transactions of the land were handled in terms of value, registering AED 283 billion, they were achieved through 24,000 actions. Some 8,000 actions were recorded, with a value of about 12 billion dirhams.

"These figures come in order to spread a climate of public optimism in the real estate market and support the views experts and observers, who have already confirmed that the real estate market is moving to a sustainable growth stage, having achieved the required maturity».

"The new achievement in the market is increased investor confidence and increased investment attractiveness for Dubai's properties," he said.

He continued: «Dubai real estate market is free from other markets in the region with several features, most notably the existence of real growth engines, enhanced and attractive factors, and thanks to this boost the demand for various real estate slides in the market», adding that by reading the market movement at the moment, the events and the expected event A task related to the approaching Expo 2020, this momentum will remain in the foreseeable future, and we can expect the rising tide to continue, given the high return on real estate investment and the healthy legislative environment.


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