68 real estate projects in Dubai since the beginning of the year.

The number of real estate projects that have been launched in Dubai from the beginning of 2016 until the first half of 2017 about 88 projects, and the Lands Department in Dubai during the first half of 2017 about 68 real estate projects worth 21 billion dirhams.

According to the UAE news agency "WAM", witnessed the first half of the year, launching projects on the background of the growing demand in the real estate market and meet the expectations of investors from different nationalities, where the registration of 68 new real estate projects.

He said Sultan Butti Bin Foundation Ibrahim Bu Melha, director-general of the Department of land and property, Dubai witnesses at the present time increasing attention of international investors, which enhances confidence in the vitality of the real estate sector and prospects for the future.

He said, that the number of developers registered in the database 713 Developer while the number of real estate projects to 483 projects, explaining that the number of completed projects which have been delivered during the 10 years since the establishment of the real estate amounted to 535 projects of various sizes and uses, and the first half of the year, completing 24 projects.

For his part, Abdel Aziz Al Shamsi, director general of the Department of real estate registration in Sharjah, the total value of real estate investments executed during the first half of this year reached 11.7 billion dirhams.
Al Shamsi said: "the movement of real estate investment in Sharjah, witnessed in the first half of this year is relatively stable, where the number of sales transactions increased by 45.8 per cent, and the sale of beneficial transactions to 628.6 per cent compared to last year, which gives an indication to the transfer of the units in these projects to the names of the beneficiaries and the completion of the real estate developers of projects and the granting of foreign investors to enter the real estate market and opportunities for investment in real estate with various residential, commercial and industrial uses.

He pointed out that the real estate trading operations were concentrated in the areas of development projects in the city of Sharjah, in terms of the number of trades topped the Al Khan area by 395 operation of circulation, while industrial Sajaa area 329, followed by Muwailh area by 300, out of 2,454 treatment of sale of access in the city.

In the eastern region, the industrial area topped the intensity of the movement of real estate dealings in the cities of kalba daba rose 23 operation of circulation, while the top of the virtual wall and industrial areas virtual virtual city with 40 treatment of sale.

Al-shamsy pointed to the issue of housing transactions sales transactions by 1289 the treatment followed by commercial transactions, where the number of trading 846 the process, and a rise of 109 per cent, with a difference of 441 treatment from the first half of last year.

He noted that most of the sale during the first half of the current year in Sharjah focused in commercial land space, followed by the residential apartments.

He also drew attention to the percentages of the turnout was markedly from Arab investors, especially with the general stability in real estate prices in most areas, where the total properties traded in the first half 936 a real estate increase the proportion of 3.4 per cent, led by the Syrian nationality by 224 a real estate, and a rise of 46.4 per cent, followed by the Palestinian nationality by 161 a real estate compared to the same period last year, while the total circulation of Nationalities in 6604 Gulf Real Estate properties.


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